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7 Benefits of Working at a Summer Camp

By Wilderness Adventures October 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead a backpacking trip into the White Mountains or serve as a trip leader in the Hawaiian Islands? Maybe you’re already daydreaming about next summer and curious about trying something new. Grow and develop your skills with Wilderness Adventures with one of our summer camp jobs in Wyoming and beyond!

Long-Lasting Benefits

Incredible personal and social opportunities await each staff member who applies. Every program at Wilderness Adventures is created to give the perfect outdoor experience for both campers and leaders alike. Although there are so many reasons to work at a summer camp, discover just seven benefits from our team. The benefits of working at a summer camp will last a lifetime. 

1. Travel the World

At Wilderness Adventures we take trips all over the globe. From the Alps to Costa Rica, you’ll have the opportunity to get familiar with new cultures and experiences. Unexpected sights will take your breath away, and cuisine packed with authentic cultural flavor will delight your taste buds. 

2. Work Outdoors

Trade in that office internship for a job that places you in the heart of nature. Whether it’s whitewater rafting or walking through a canyon, you’ll be immersed in the beauty of the great outdoors all summer long. Take a screen break, and dive into new adventures. 

Hiker making a heart with her hands in front of a snowy mountain landscape

3. Be a Camper’s Hero

There’s something truly rewarding in making a difference in a child’s life. As a leader for Wilderness Adventures, you’ll guide students throughout the entirety of the trip, thus being able to form strong relationships. Learn new teaching styles and how to make each camper feel heard, accepted, and encouraged. 

4. Become a Stronger Leader

Advance your leadership skills while serving on our staff. Whether you’re navigating a kayaking route or teaching students how to fly fish, discover how to help others in various situations. Learn how to not only provide instruction but emotional and motivational support that pushes students to thrive and be their best self. 

5. Build Your Resume 

Working on staff for one of our summer programs is the perfect way to build your resume. Throughout the summer, you’ll gain important personal and interpersonal skills that are necessary for any career in the outdoors. The scenarios you encounter on a Wilderness Adventures trip will showcase relatability to situations that occur in the classroom and workplace. 

6. Meet New Friends

One of our favorite benefits of serving on staff is meeting new friends. Each summer we have the opportunity to connect with those who live worldwide and are searching for an adventure. Develop long-lasting friendships with those around you, and just maybe you’ll take even more trips together in the future!

7. Learn More About Yourself

It’s often said that the more you know, the more you grow. Learn more about who you are as a person, and your interests, through being on staff for a summer at Wilderness Adventures. Maybe you’ll discover that you have a passion for hiking or learning new languages. The possibilities are endless. 

travel mug with a Wilderness Adventures sticker on it in front of the sunset

Join Us On Staff

Whether you’re looking for a summer job that doesn’t involve scooping ice cream or sitting at a desk, Wilderness Adventures has a summer wilderness travel job for you! Join us as a day camp counselor, trip leader, or program specialist at one of our camps in 2023. Watch yourself, and others grow, soar, and shine!