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Looking to Make Your Kids Summer?

Whether your child dreams of surfing in Hawaii, exploring the Alaskan wilderness, or conquering peaks in the Tetons, we want to inspire them to create their dream summer bucket list. Their best adventure yet starts here!

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Whether navigating the pristine wilderness of Yellowstone, learning to read a topographic map, or cooking dinner for the group at camp, Wilderness Adventures foster a great sense of resilience and personal development. 

In all of our adventures, we seek to connect our participants to the wild so that they can be invigorated by the unspoiled, untouched, and pristine landscapes of our natural world. In a time when we are all so very connected on the internet, it is a unique opportunity to have the ability to disconnect from our devices and connect with the people and places that surround us in small, diverse group settings.

From laughter and shared stories around the campfire, to exploring beautiful new landscapes with a small cohort, walk away from your trip with new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

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