Excellence all around. Great people. Wonderful Experience. Highly Recommend.

I was a little apprehensive about sending my son to camp. We are tightly knit family, and we adventure together! Plus, he is my youngest, and for better or worse, he simply had not been away from me very much. I had heard great things about Wilderness Adventures, but it was still a leap of faith.

Well, there was not even the slightest need for concern. My son had the time of his life. Yes, the itinerary is super impressive, and the locations are beautiful, the activities are so fun, and the trip leaders are cool, but there is something even bigger that happens. Wilderness Adventures has something very special that it infuses into their trips. I can only comment as an outsider, because the camaraderie, cohesion, and cooperation, friendship, leadership opportunities, and personal boundary-expanding experiences, during their two weeks together, created something incredibly special for my son. The WA trip gave him his own, independent, opportunity to grow and mature apart from our family, in the best possible way.

We quickly signed up for another camp next summer. For our family, this is a very expensive part of the year, but I didn’t really think twice about sending him out with Wilderness Adventures again. So, yes, I recommend Wilderness Adventures without hesitation.

Caroline Haines, Boulder, CO

Everything on this trip involved teamwork. From meal planning and group discussions to climbing Mt. Baker. I have learned that I can put my full trust in my fellow comrades that I have not even known for a month.

Woody Bailey, Bronxville, NY

I mostly learned how to push myself and I realized what I am capable of. The times I accomplished my goals really helped to boost my confidence.

Alexa Beychok, Atlanta, GA

During my WA trip I learned that I am a lot stronger physically and mentally than I ever thought I could be. I conquered things that nobody back home would ever dream of doing.

Kelsey Klopfer, Galena, CA

Georgia had an amazing summer – life changing, challenging, fun, adventurous, educational, built physical and emotional confidence in new arenas.

Parents of Georgia Grey, Denver, CO

I learned a lot of outdoor skills. I also learned to live and work in a group, but all while being responsible for myself. I learned to trust myself, my instincts, and nature.

Maggie Niehaus, Atlanta, GA

Even though I learned so much about the people around me, I learned a lot about myself, who I am, and who I wish to become.

Emily Landes, Centennial, CO

More than the miles covered, it was the people I was with that taught me the most and made my summer the wonderful journey that it was.

Andrew Chambers, Atlanta, GA

Wilderness Adventures gave me a whole new perspective on the outdoors as a place to challenge myself, experience natural beauty, and reflect on life.

Laura Anderson, Richmond, VA