Everything on this trip involved teamwork. From meal planning and group discussions to climbing Mt. Baker. I have learned that I can put my full trust in my fellow comrades that I have not even known for a month.

Woody Bailey, Bronxville, NY

I mostly learned how to push myself and I realized what I am capable of. The times I accomplished my goals really helped to boost my confidence.

Alexa Beychok, Atlanta, GA

During my WA trip I learned that I am a lot stronger physically and mentally than I ever thought I could be. I conquered things that nobody back home would ever dream of doing.

Kelsey Klopfer, Galena, CA

Georgia had an amazing summer – life changing, challenging, fun, adventurous, educational, built physical and emotional confidence in new arenas.

Parents of Georgia Grey, Denver, CO

I learned a lot of outdoor skills. I also learned to live and work in a group, but all while being responsible for myself. I learned to trust myself, my instincts, and nature.

Maggie Niehaus, Atlanta, GA

Even though I learned so much about the people around me, I learned a lot about myself, who I am, and who I wish to become.

Emily Landes, Centennial, CO

More than the miles covered, it was the people I was with that taught me the most and made my summer the wonderful journey that it was.

Andrew Chambers, Atlanta, GA

Wilderness Adventures gave me a whole new perspective on the outdoors as a place to challenge myself, experience natural beauty, and reflect on life.

Laura Anderson, Richmond, VA

This was my fourth trip with Wilderness Adventures and they keep getting better! This trip was the perfect mix of service, adventure, and language. The diversity of the location, from Ecuador to the Galapagos to the diversity just in continental Ecuador, allowed for a variety of different activities and constantly changing surroundings. The animal and plant diversity was incredible, and overall Ecuador and the Galapagos proved to be an incredibly unique place to visit. Wilderness Adventures' leaders never fail to be amazing people who you can learn so much from and perfect facilitators of the group dynamic. The small size allows for close bonds and lifelong friendships. All four of my trips have been some of the best experiences of my life and absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend this or any other Wilderness Adventures trip!

Paige Angne, Ecuador Galapagos 2016