What To Expect On Your Wilderness Adventures Trip

By Wilderness Adventures October 23, 2015

So you have made the decision to book your trip with Wilderness Adventures, but now what? Here is what you can expect on your Wilderness Adventure trip:

Your First Experience

If this is your first experience, you may be nervous about what will happen on your trip, but rest assured, you are not alone. No matter if you are taking an international or domestic adventure trip, your trip leaders will teach you how to do everything, allowing you to accomplish many great things on your adventure.

Your First Day

There will be many new and nervous faces as you meet your group at your arrival city. That first day will be filled with opportunities to get to know one another, as well as chances to work as a team while setting up tents, building a campfire, and enjoying dinner together.

Explore Your Interests

Even though every day will be filled with a new adventure like hiking, kayaking, biking, or SCUBA diving, you will be given opportunities to explore your own personal interests. Whether your interest is drawing, swimming, or photography, our adventure trips will allow time for you and allow you to explore the world and the people around you.

What To Bring

While each adventure differs from the next, so will the items you will be required to bring. The group essentials such as tents, stoves, etc. will be provided and not necessary on your part. Essentially, most adventurers will need to pack the appropriate clothing, as well as a backpack and a sleeping bag. No need to worry, we will make sure you receive a checklist of the necessary items before your trip.

What We Expect

Since we want you to have the best experience possible, it is imperative that you arrive for your adventure mentally and physically prepared. It is also important that you have the desire to meet others, as well as participate and be a part of a team. If you feel that you are not conditioned for your adventure, it is advisable that you begin jogging or playing a sport regularly in order to be well prepared.

Wilderness Adventures guarantees to provide you with a fun, challenging, and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Visit us to see what kind of adventure we can offer you!