The Many Benefits Of Cycling For Your Teen

By Wilderness Adventures July 15, 2014
Ecuador Galapagos biking

There are many reasons why people enjoy biking. Whether it is to be more environmentally friendly, for transportation, or for enjoyment, there are many other benefits to getting your teen on a bike and taking a ride.

Cycling is good for your health.

Not only does cycling have cardiovascular benefits in decreasing the risk of coronary disease in the future, but can strengthen immune health as well.

Cycling helps to develop coordination.

With the need to move both feet around in circles, while steering with both your hands and balancing with your body, biking is perhaps the best way to practice your coordination skills.

Cycling is better for the environment.

Not only does it take 5% of the materials to make a bike, versus making a car, but a bicycle also does not produce pollution.

Cycling allows you to see the world in a different way.

By attending a Wilderness Adventures tour like the Adirondack Discovery Trip, your teen will be able to experience the world from the view of their bike. Whether they wish to cross the Alps in Switzerland or cycle the Oregon Coast, there is an adventure for them.

Cycling provides the perfect opportunity for family time.

Riding a bike is something that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their age. This provides ample opportunity to develop an enjoyment and love to share with each other.

Cycling allows you to make friends.

When an individual has a passion for something such as cycling, the likeliness that they will join social cycling groups increases. This will increase the chances for them to build relationships with people who enjoy the same hobbies that you do.

There are so many benefits in hopping on a bike. Whether you want to be healthy, see the world, or meet people, a Crossroads Bicycle Tour is perfect for your teen! Visit Wilderness Adventures today to see the selection of adventure camp trips we have to choose form, or to learn more about our tours today.