Meet Your Trip Leaders!

Meet Cameron!

Cameron was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina where she studied political science, international studies, and French. Cameron originally discovered Wilderness Adventures as a high school student when she participated in the Alaska Southeast Trip. She had such a great time as a student and learned so much about the outdoors that she wanted to come back to WA as a leader to pass on the impact to others!

Last year at Wilderness Adventures, Cameron had a fantastic time leading the Yellowstone Teton Discovery trips and Campout. When she is not working at Wilderness Adventures, Cameron enjoys hiking, rock climbing, playing soccer, and, as someone from the coast, loves all water sports, especially diving. She has also recently become a big fan of skiing and via ferrata! Cameron spent the past school year working as an English teacher in France, where she traveled and worked towards becoming fluent in French. She plans to continue teaching next year as well once she wraps up the 2024 season with Wilderness Adventures. 

Cameron is looking forward to another exciting summer exploring the outdoors and sharing her passion for nature with WA students!

Meet James!

James was born and raised in Ellicott City, a suburb just outside of Baltimore. He formed a love of the outdoors and traveling at a very young age, having visited 25 states and 11 countries! Most recently, James spent the summer living and working in the Icelandic Highlands. His favorite part of traveling to new locations is immersing in the area and trying local foods.

Growing up, James was an active member of his local Boy Scouts Troop, reaching the rank of Life Scout and going to Northern Tier and Philmont. Scouting helped James build strong leadership skills and hone his ability to work on a team. These days, James continues to go backpacking in his free time. Whenever he gets the chance to, James also loves whitewater rafting, scuba diving, and skydiving.

James’ main goal for the summer with Wilderness Adventures is to connect his students with the fantastic beauty of nature, and pass on some of the skills and tricks he’s picked up in the outdoors. He is so excited to embark on adventures together soon!