Why You Should Choose Wilderness Ventures For Your Next Group Program

By Wilderness Adventures October 10, 2014

When it comes to providing the ultimate outdoor educational program, nobody matches what Wilderness Ventures has to offer. Whether you are seeking a quality outdoor educational experience, exceptional team building opportunities, or an opportunity to give back with our community service programs, there is a unique adventure waiting for you.

Since we began our adventure programs in 1981, we have had numerous amounts of teachers, deans, and community service members enlist our services to provide our high quality and custom programs, fit specifically to their needs. From one-week leadership trips to California’s Lost Coast, to our twenty-two day trek exploring Wyoming’s Grand Teton, we have no limit on what we can do for you, national and internationally.

We have a strong partnership with over forty national park and wilderness areas, we have more access to these areas than any other outdoor adventure program in the United States. In addition to these areas, we have over fifteen years of experience with our international connections, allowing us to provide a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences worldwide.

When creating your customized adventure trip, Wilderness Ventures will take care of every single detail, making it as less stressful on you as possible. Not only do we ensure that there are no hidden costs to you, but we also include thing such as transportation, food, lodging, transfers, and the necessary gear for our adventure.

Let Wilderness Ventures be your guide. Visit us today to see how we can create a fun, safe, and educational experience for your needs.