Why It Is Critical To Expose Children To Nature

By Wilderness Adventures August 10, 2015

Often times, we take for granted all the nature and beauty that we have all around us, not taking the time to fully appreciate it. As a child, I remember how my parents felt about exploring nature and learning about new places. Because of them, I gained not only a new appreciation for what nature has to offer, but a love of hiking and camping. I also learned a lot about myself and made a real connection with others that enjoyed doing things that I enjoyed, like backpacking.

This is why it is critical to expose children to nature and the world around us. Children are most influential and are always looking for self-discovery and independence. By granting them the opportunity to experience an outdoor education, you can help to do more than teach about the things that the world us has to offer, but so much more.

Perhaps one of the most important values that outdoor learning has to offer is the personal development that one can experience. When challenged, an individual can experience a sense of accomplishment, self-value, and confidence. By developing these important qualities, a child is more willing to try and do new things.

Another added value that outdoor education can provide is the ability to create a more versatile learner. Since not every one is the same type of learner, it is important to offer different types of learning environments. This can also help children to develop the enjoyment of life-long learning.

Outdoor learning experiences have several other benefits. From developing a greater sense of responsibility, to learning to work as a team, there is incredible value to your child and their development.

Wilderness Adventures is a proud supporter of outdoor education, providing high quality educational outdoor learning adventures to teens for more than 30 years. Visit us to see how we can help your child develop an appreciation of what nature has to offer today!