Ways You Can Take A More Sustainable Vacation

By Wilderness Adventures April 22, 2015

In celebration of Earth Day, let’s visit the impact that our vacations have on our environment. Not only do we leave a carbon footprint everywhere we go, but also, we sometimes forget about what the world around us offers, such as natural wonders and marvelous views. There are several ways that you too can make your vacation a more sustainable one.

While many people wish to take cars, planes, and cruise ships when they travel, there are other options out there that can help us to reduce the impact these methods of travel have on the environment. For example, instead of flying or driving, taking the train is a more eco-friendly way to travel.

Another great way to see some of the most beautiful places on Earth is to backpack or take a bike tour. Not only are you limiting your carbon footprint, but you are also able to experience the best of what nature offers firsthand. Most National and State Parks offer hiking and biking trails for beginners, as well as those looking for a challenge.

Another more sustainable way to vacation is by visiting your local State and National Parks. Not only do these parks offer wildlife, views, and nature, but it is also an excellent way to forget about the technological world we live in for a while and experience spending quality time with your family and friends, all the while getting the opportunity to sleep under the stars.

While sustainable travel may not be readily available to you, it is always a good idea to consider your options while planning your vacation.

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