Tips To Prepare Beginners For The Ultimate Kayaking Experience

By Wilderness Adventures September 19, 2014

Kayaking can offer adventurers experiences like no other sport or activity can. Whether you wish to do sea kayaking or river kayaking, there are hundreds of destinations for you. However, before you make the decision to kayak, it is in your best interest to ensure that you are fully prepared in order to have the best kayaking experience possible.

Be sure to dress appropriately. It is important to dress appropriately not only for the weather, but for the water temperature of your location you will be kayaking in as well. This is critical information in the event that your kayak tips, causing you to fall out. It is advised to dress in layers, which will allow for you to be prepared for any type of weather condition. Also remember to wear the correct type of shoe for kayaking. The most common types of shoes for kayaking are sandals with straps and watershoes.

Be sure to use the appropriate kayak for you. Not every kayak will be right for you and your planned adventure. Kayaks range in size from 14’ to 17’ in length, and can accommodate one to three people in each kayak. It is important to determine what type and size of a boat you will need for your specific outing.

Know the safety rules. While capsizing while kayaking on calm waters is rarely an issue, it is still extremely important that you are prepared for any safety issue that may occur. Always be sure to have the correct safety gear, such as lifejackets, pumps, and inflatable paddle floats in order to ensure your safety, as well as any other kayakers you may be with or come across. It is advisable to attend one of the many safety classes offered by recreational groups, as well as outdoor recreational stores before going out on your first kayaking excursion.

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