Tips For Getting Your Teen Involved In The Great Outdoors

By Wilderness Adventures December 3, 2014

Today technology rules, especially with today’s teens. For this reason, it is extremely important to get kids outside and teach them how to appreciate the natural wonders around us. If you find you are having a difficult time, here are some tips for getting your teen involved and interested in the great outdoors:

Discover their interests. By asking your child and finding out what activities they may be interested in, you can appeal to their interests and give them a say in how they spend their time outside. For example, if your child enjoys climbing or biking, encourage these activities and help cater to their general interest.

Join a club. Once your child decides what outdoor activity is best for them, it may be beneficial to encourage them to join a local organization or recreational club. Not only will they be exposed to experiences to further develop their passion for their activity, but they will also be given the chance to meet other teens that are interested in the same things.

Plan a vacation. There is no better way for a child to be exposed to the outdoors than to experience them with their family. It will not only further develop your special bond with your child, but also provide them with life-long memories.

Send them on an outdoor adventure. Sometimes a vacation for the entire family may not be feasible. In this case, there are teen outdoor adventure camps that specialize in providing fun, meaningful, and educational outdoor experiences. There are also a variety of adventure trips that may appeal to your child, including trips such as community service, international, and leadership adventures.

It’s never too late to get your teen interested in the outdoors. It is, however, critical to start them early and make outdoor activities an important part of your routine.

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