The Many Benefits Of Nature

By Wilderness Adventures December 4, 2015

Enjoying the best of what nature has to offer has many benefits, including health and social benefits. Here are the various ways you too can benefit from the great outdoors:

  • Physical Health Benefits: Outdoor activities such as backpacking, kayaking, climbing, and biking are all physically enduring activities that are beneficial for one’s physical health and can improve one’s well being.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Enjoying the outdoors is not only beneficial to your physical health, but your mental health as well. Not only will you forget about the stresses of life while you are out on a hike, bike ride, or while climbing, but you will test your mind by doing things such as reading a map, making decisions, and learning about nature.
  • Social Benefits: Often times, people who enjoy doing outdoor activities will tend to do them as a group. This will help to improve social skills, as well as learn to work with others, building essential team building and problem solving skills.
  • Productivity Benefits: People who enjoy activities outdoors tend to be more productive. By having a way to release stress outside of work, people will be more motivated, increasing their productivity with their job and their personal life.
  • Environmental Benefits: Getting outside and exploring the world around us, it will help us to develop an appreciation of the environment, the environmental issues we face today, and how we can make a difference to improve the environment.

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