Teens Learn Valuable Life Lessons In America’s National Parks With Wilderness Ventures

By wpdev May 12, 2009

Jackson, Wyo.—Wilderness Ventures, a unique organization that specializes in adventure travel opportunities for teenagers, offers wilderness adventures, leadership and service programs for youths in some of America’s most beautiful spaces. Through volunteer work, teamwork activities, and outdoor sports, these programs teach teens valuable life lessons in a natural setting that encourages a “back to the basics” kind of interaction with their peers and the great outdoors.

In a year when families are putting more and more thought into their expenditures, many people are turning to America’s National Parks for experiential vacations that are gowth-oriented, personally fulfilling and value minded. Wilderness Ventures offers this type of fun, valuable, and immersive wilderness adventures in a supportive and small group setting. Teens who participate in these programs also learn important lessons in ecology, and gain an appreciation for the unique ecosystems that encompass the nation’s greatest parks. Participants can choose wilderness adventures from Leadership Adventures, Leadership Expeditions, and Community Service Programs that give them the opportunity to spend their summer outdoors with their peers.

Whether whitewater rafting down the Yellowstone River, wandering through Yosemite, hiking across Grand Teton National Park, or backpacking on the beaches of Olympic National Park, Wilderness Adventures plans adventures, routes, and campsites that take teens through places of historic, cultural, or scenic interest, and provides them with a clear sense of place and an appreciation of each region’s unique characteristics. Since 1973, Wilderness Ventures has set the standards in this field for safe wilderness adventures of the highest caliber. Each summer they offer a wide variety of carefully designed, challenging, safe, and supportive wilderness adventures for young people between 13 and 20 years of age.