Teen Adventure Programs

By wpdev April 1, 2010

While many organizations offer teen adventure programs for today’s young people no outdoor adventure camp can claim to have more experience leading teen adventure programs than Wilderness Ventures. With 37 years’ experience and over 20,000 alumni, Wilderness Ventures is by far the most experienced teen adventure program. With that experience comes a strong attention to safety, leadership development, fun and individual attention for each student in our teen adventure program.


We certainly recognize that there are many teen adventure programs available to discerning parents. What our teen adventures programs offer is the most tried, tested and well planned adventure camps immaginable. Many of our teen adventure program destinations have seen Wilderness Ventures students return year after year since 1973. In many of our beautiful destinations, such as Grand Teton National Park, we are the only teen adventure program permitted to operate. On our international teen adventure programs, we don’t adventure into the next hot destination simply because it is a trendy place to run a teen adventure program. It takes years to put together a safe and smooth teen adventure program, especially in an international environment. No one has more experience leading international and domestic teen adventure programs than does Wilderness Ventures.


Our teen adventure program leaders are the best in the industry. Most are teachers, graduate students, PhD candidates – folks who have immense experience leading outdoor adventures, but, as important, possessing of a gift and love for working with adventurous teens in an outdoor setting. All of our teen adventure program leaders entering a wilderness environment are Wilderness First Responder certified and all teen adventure program leaders, in addition to their own high level of skills, attend a two-week staff training at the beginning of the summer.

Fun Teen Adventure Programs

We believe strongly in creating positive connections with the outdoor world and our 37 years of experience has taught us that the fundamental quality of every teen adventure program is that, in order to teach leadership skills and love for the outdoors, the teen adventure program must first be fun. All of our teen adventure programs assume no prior knowledge on the part of the participant and provide an emotionally safe and nurturing environment for teen adventurers to learn new skills, experience new environments and grow as individuals.

Individual Attention

We put a tremendous amount of resources forth every year to constructing teen adventure program groups with a good gender and age balance. We group teen adventure programs according to age. We ensure that each teen adventure program group contains only students who are excited about their adventure for the right reasons. Our students are excited about experiencing new environments, activities and cultures with a great group of teenage adventure program participants.

As the pioneering teen adventure program, Wilderness Ventures has been conducting adventure camps since 1973. Call 800-533-2281 to request our adventure camp catalog or to learn more about our exciting teen adventure programs.