Teen Adventure Camps: The Wilderness Ventures Difference

By wpdev October 13, 2010

Wilderness Ventures offers teen summer camps are one-of-a-kind, magical outdoor adventure opportunities for young people – 6th grade through college, grouped according to age. We believe that our programs are magical, not only because of our 38 years of experience in leading the best outdoor programs, but also because each of our teen summer camps has 1.) great destinations and activities, 2.) the best leaders and 3.) the best teen summer camp groups.

Teen Adventure Camp Destinations:

With 40+ federally managed wilderness permits and special use permits in (what we like to refer to as) Our Last Best Places on the planet — environments that have been set aside for protection and conservative recreation. Back when we founded Wilderness Ventures in 1972, we sought operating licenses to the best and most beautiful lands in north America and we were lucky that permits to those places was still available at the time. Since then, whenever we’ve added a destination or activity to our teen adventure program, it’s because we believe whole heatedly that that destination will bring our students closer to their environment, their peers and themselves.

Teen Adventure Camp Leaders:

Selected from hundreds of applicants, these 80 or so leaders are an absolutely vital part of each summer’s experiences — simply put: our leaders make the trip. They are at once teachers, councelors, parents and friends to our students. These people are highly trained, carefully selected and they know that the work and dedication that they put froth each summer will have effects that will last a lifetime.

Our Carefully Selected Groups:

While our students come as individuals, most of our carefully selected groups become lifelong friends. For both safety and group dynamic, we operate in small, manageable groups of 12 – 15 students. We ensure a good gender balance in each of our groups. And we group all of our trips according to age.