Summit Shots and Ascension Opportunities from Wilderness Ventures

By Wilderness Adventures November 1, 2012

Wilderness Ventures has been climbing mountains and constructing memories for the past 40 years. Our life-inspiring journeys connect young people with the world’s most fantastic environments through thrilling activities that enable them to grow as individuals and as a team.

As a sport, mountaineering has its American legacy rooted here in the Tetons next to our home office in Jackson Hole, WY. Our own historic climbing tradition of the 13,771-foot Grand Teton and our classic summit climbs across the American West have been a core component of our rewarding and exciting programs since 1973.

More students have climbed world-class summits with Wilderness Ventures than with all other student outdoor adventure programs combined. As educators, we know that students gain self-esteem, awareness of their peers and empathy for their environment by accomplishing a summit climb on one of our amazing experiences. Every year, we’re reminded of the empowerment of a rewarding and nurturing climbing experience when we sit down to marvel at all of the photos atop the country’s most inspiring peaks. Here are a few examples.

Mount Olympus

This namesake of the Olympic Mountains sits above the rainforests near the western coast of Washington state, and is, along with stunning wilderness beaches, diverse wildlife and majestic beauty, one of the most magnificent features of Olympic National Park.

Perfect for: students excited to experience a diverse vocabulary of dramatic volcanic peaks on our Northwest Summits Adventure.

Mt Adams

Hidden deep in the Mount Adams Wilderness, this 12,281-foot volcano is distinct as a favorite among Wilderness Ventures students for its ability to integrate overnight backpacking with mountaineering — connecting the wilderness to the rooftop of the world on an integrated journey through the backcountry.

Perfect for: an inspiring and empowering experience that affords breathtaking (and appetite wetting) views across the Cascade Range, including peaks such as Mt Rainier and Mount St. Helens.


The Grand Teton


Perhaps no mountain range in the world shares the prominence or inspirational capacity of the Tetons. Unimpeded by foothills, the Tetons rise dramatically from the glacially-carved valley floor, and have inspired generations of conservationists, artists and adventurers — leaders such as John D. Rockefeller, Ansel Adams and the 2,300-plus students who have climbed this inspiring peak with Wilderness Ventures.


Perfect for: high school students attending our classic Grand Teton Adventure.


For more information about how to incorporate amazing peaks such as Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, Mount Shasta and the summits above into the best summer of your life, call 800-533-2281.