Wilderness Adventures

New Year’s Resolutions

By Wilderness Adventures January 1, 2019

Here at Wilderness Adventures, the Leadership Team always has the future in mind.  As soon as one summer season ends with summer wrap up and our final student departure days, we hit the ground running with new ideas, family and trip leader feedback, and logistical planning for the next summer. For months, we have been gearing up for 2019 and cannot wait for the summer. In the meantime, however, given that there is still so much to do as winter turns into spring (such as our HomeShow Tour, the ACA National Conference, winter fun in Jackson Hole, and more!), we circled up as a team, as we do on every trip, to go over our individual goals for the coming year.

Shannon –

She wants to use a re-usable grocery bag every time she goes to the store – no more accumulating plastic bags! She wants to send birthday cards to friends and family, and wants to make more time to get on the river.

Willy –

Willy wants to travel more to see old friends and to pick up a new hobby!

Meredith –

Meredith wants to ski in the world-class backcountry that Jackson Hole has to offer, climb the Grand (just like our Grand Teton and Montana Wyoming students do!) and set aside more time to write, read, and paint.

Micah –

Micah wants to cook more at home, wake up early to do a bit of yoga or personal meditation before kicking off the day, and working out at our local gym here in Jackson, Teton Sports Club!

Gabe –

Gabe wants to read at least one book a month (maybe one from the WA Book Box!), climb the central Tetons during the summer, and cook more vegetarian meals.

Catherine –

Catherine wants to stick to her family’s tradition of Meatless Mondays. She also wants to use more re-usable grocery bags to avoid accumulating more plastic, and to install updates on time for her phone, computer, and other electronics.

Molly –

Molly wants to find a local organization to volunteer with regularly, cook more for lunch, and to run one trail half marathon.

Carly –

Carly wants to exercise more, take more family adventures with her son Archie, and tag team more vegetarian meals with Gabe!

We want to take note that collectively, we feel that “New Year’s Resolutions” can happen at any time of year – you don’t need to wait until January 1st to change something in your life or to set a goal for yourself. But just like the first night of any WA trip when you’re sitting around the campfire getting to know your new trip mates, we think it’s important to check in with each other and share what we’re excited about, what we’re nervous about, and what we want to learn about ourselves and improve upon.

You can do it, too. So here’s to 2019! Happy New Year!