How Our Adventures Will Benefit Your Teen

By Wilderness Adventures March 6, 2014

Let’s face it…being a teenager is not easy. In today’s world, teens often feel the pressures of life, from performing well educationally to fitting in with others, and forget to enjoy what life has to offer them. For this reason, it is important for teens to experience things like nature and adventure to not only de-stress, but to learn to enjoy life through personal experiences, outside of school and the home. Here are several other benefits that Wilderness Adventure’s teen adventure programs can offer your child.

Builds confidence and independence. Going on adventures without the guidance from parents, but with their experienced counselors and the encouragement from their peers, can create a sense of belonging and leadership, as well as independence. Accomplishing a goal like backpacking or mountain biking can create a feeling of great accomplishment and boosting their self-confidence.

Fosters social skills. Not only are teens required to work together and communicate as a group while on their adventures, but they will also be spending lots of time in close living quarters with each other. This will not only provide them with the opportunity to further grow and enhance their social skills, but also allow for the ultra important opportunity to make lifelong friends.

Develops a love for the outdoors. Teen adventure programs will create many opportunities to develop a love and appreciation for the outdoors and nature. By creating that positive connection, your teen will not only have fun and learn new skills, but will be given many lifelong memories doing so.

Gain a new interest. Whether it be camping, sailing, or scuba diving, your teen will be granted an opportunity to decide what they enjoy doing, and if they will excel at it. By experiencing what life has to offer, teens will be able to determine what motivates them, and what they may want out of life.

No matter your reason for providing your teen with the opportunity to experience our adventure programs, rest assured that your child would be given the opportunity to experience different environments, activities, and cultures, all the while under the care of a safe and nurturing staff. Contact Wilderness Adventures today to get started on your child’s ideal adventure.