European Student Tours with Wilderness Ventures

By Wilderness Adventures April 11, 2012

Explore Europe on the best summer of your life with a well-supervised, experiential Europe tour for young adults.


From the vibrancy of Barcelona and the South Spanish Coast to the rugged beauty of the Swiss Alps, young adults have the opportunity to experience imaginative Europe on our carefully-crafted European student tours.

Wilderness Ventures has been offering the world’s leading outdoor adventures for young adults since 1973. Our European Alps and Southern Europe student tours offer the most enjoyable and substantive European experiences imaginable for today’s young adults.

Our 22-day European Alps Adventure begins and ends on the international city of Geneva, Switzerland. French-speaking Geneva casts a beautiful reflection on the tranquil surface of Lake Geneva. After taking a day to acquaint ourselves in this vibrant capital, we’ll strap on our packs and venture out onto the famous Haute Route. Known as the “High Route” or “Mountaineers Route,” the Haute Route traverses the Alps to the beautiful (German-speaking) village of Zermatt, Switzerland. Next, on our European Alps Adventure for young adults, we’ll climb further into the peaks – climbing the famous Breithorn mountain for rewarding views of the Matterhorn and Mount Blanc above the glacier-clad landscape.

Young adults on our Southern Europe Adventure get to experience the cultures of both Barcelona and Paris, hike in the Spanish Pyrenees and the French Alps, and both sea kayak and raft Spain’s warm waters. Our Southern European tour for young adults begins in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. After a day to enjoy this cultural capital, we’ll embark out onto the Latin coast for a thrilling sea kayaking adventure through the warm waters of the Costa Brava. Venturing inland and upland, we’ll hike through the Pyrenees Mountains – visiting small mountain villages along the way. Taking again to the water, our European student tour will travel to the fabulous Noguera Palleresa River for two magical and rewarding days of whitewater rafting. Finally, we’ll savor a culminating trekking experience through the French Alps before concluding our journey with two very special days to explore and celebrate our adventure in Paris.

Both of our European tours for young adults are thrilling, substantive experiences – open to high school age students who are excited about experiencing the best of Europe with a great group of young people. Like all of our student summer programs, our European tours for young adults are supervised by two of our highly trained, attentive and caring outdoor leaders. Each of these Europe student tours combines culture and nature – ensure a world-class experience that is immersive, fun, educational, constructive and always unforgettable.