Eco-Friendly Choices And How You Can Make A Difference In Your Travels

By Wilderness Adventures May 31, 2014

Traveling the country and the world can be an exciting adventure. It is important, however, that we remember the carbon footprint we can leave behind when doing so. By following these eco-friendly tips you can make a difference not only on the environment, but in your travel experience as well.

Take public transportation. By utilizing public transportation options such as the bus or train, you can rest assured that you are not creating any additional carbon emissions that you are likely to create from private transportation. This will also allow for you to experience the local people and culture, enhancing your travel experience.

Use alternative means of transportation. There is no greater experience than biking through the Pacific Coast or backpacking through the Blue Ridge Mountains. By utilizing bikes and walking, versus transportation by a vehicle, you are again contributing the well being of the environment, as well as adding to your travels.

Stay on the trail. It is important to remember to stay on designated and maintained trails. By not doing so, you take the risk of harming endangered plants and wildlife.

Reduce your water consumption. Not only when traveling, but also a good practice when you are at home, is taking shorter showers and turning off the water while brushing your teeth and dishes. This will help you to conserve Earth’s precious commodity, water.

Take a carbon offset adventure. By choosing an adventure that is sustainable during your travels, in your accommodations, and in your activities, you can help to greatly reduce any carbon emissions involved in your entire trip.

Travel in numbers. In the event that your travels do require the use of carbon emissions, it is always a good idea to consider traveling with small groups since you will likely have less of an impact on the environment when doing so.

Wilderness Adventures has been proudly using sustainable travel in their teen adventure programs. Visit us to see how we can teach your child about the importance of supporting local communities and economies through our low-impact travel.