Dive Into Adventure

By Wilderness Adventures March 6, 2013

Teen Scuba Diving Opportunities Across the Globe


Grand Earth Adventures connects great people with amazing places. This summer, dive into adventure on one of our wonderful Scuba Diving programs in Australia, Belize, Fiji, Tahiti, Thailand and Zanzibar. Each adventure is the chance to discover an inspiring new country and culture while learning fun new activities. Each of our international adventures with a Scuba Diving component allows you to earn your PADI Open Water Diver’s Certification while learning to dive in the most magical underwater environments in the world. Find the best underwater adventure of your life in these amazing tropical destinations.



Without a doubt, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most famous Scuba Diving destination. Tropical waters, amazing choral and the planet’s most reputable dive instructors have helped students enjoy this wonderful aquatic environment for over 10 years.




Build confidence while learning to dive on Latin America’s largest coral reef. In addition to our private dive instruction, we’ll learn about the fragile marine ecology of this beautiful region. Combine your PADI Scuba Diving instruction with an amazing sailing trip along Belize’s coastal paradise for an unforgettable summer experience.



The Beqa Lagoon is Fiji’s finest diving location. We’ll travel to this amazing, tucked-away environment, and setup shop at our own private diving resort. With the help of great instructors, we’ll learn the fundamentals of diving before taking to the ocean on a series of inspiring and empowering dives that connect us with the beauty of this lagoon paradise.



The volcanic formations surrounding the exotic island of Moorea make for the perfect diving destination. In addition to the amazing geothermal wonders of this volcanic island environment, the surround tropical waters are teeming with colorful fish and precious coral.



Koh Tao Island offers an underwater world filled with marine life. Dive into these clear waters to see moray eels, butterfly fish, stingrays, clown fish and majestic sea turtles. Combine your diving experience with important elephant service work, and the chance to discover Thailand’s enlightening Buddhist history for an unforgettable adventure in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.



Just beyond Zanzibar’s white sand beaches lies an amazing underwater environment. Sea creatures abound, and fantastic instruction will build your self-esteem while learning the wonderful skill of Scuba Diving, which you’ll be able to carry with your for your entire life. In addition to Zanzibar’s amazing underwater beauty, we’ll take the time to discover historic Stone Town (an important port during the spice era) on this amazing adventure.


Since 1973, Wilderness Ventures has been helping young people enjoy amazing environments through fun, shared experiences. Aside from great memories and great friendships, the benefits to our amazing adventures (while countless) include development of leadership ability, self-esteem, attention span and a love for the natural world. Grand Earth Adventures, the international arm of Wilderness Ventures, introduces young people to amazing new countries while expanding their sense of their own abilities and their capacity as global citizens.