Determining The Best Adventure Camp For Your Teen

By Wilderness Adventures April 9, 2014

When deciding on the right adventure camp for your teen, it is important to fully understand what you will be signing your child up for. Here are several helpful questions, as well as our answers, you may wish to ask before making your final decision on which adventure camp will be the perfect fit for your teen:

What challenge level is best for my teen? Each trip should have a challenge rating associated with it in order to determine at what level your teen may physically perform. This rating is usually on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most physically demanding. We offer Introductory Adventures for those students experiencing a wilderness adventure for the first time.

Does my teen need to be experienced? The beauty and purpose of our adventure trips is to provide your child the opportunity to experience people, places, and things that they have never experienced before. With this being said, it is not a requirement for your child to have experience in any of the activities we have planned. We structure all of the activities, provide all the equipment, as well as the instruction for all our adventure trips.

Are students grouped according to age? All programs are best designed around grouping students with others in their own age range and abilities. Typically these groups are broken into 6th graders, 7th-9th graders, 9th-12th graders, 10th-12th graders, and 12th-College age.

Which adventure is best for my teen? Not only is there a trip for everyone, but our adventure trips also range in age groups and difficulty levels, so simply pick a trip that attracts your child’s interest.

When do I need to enroll my teen? Adventure camp trips typically fill up in the winter, with selective spots available in early spring. Once you have decided on the ideal trip, it is best to book it as soon as possible.

Wilderness Adventures has been pioneering teen adventure trips since 1973. Visit us today to view the wide range of unforgettable once in a lifetime experiences we have to offer your teen.