Crossroads Bicycle Tours Catalog is in the mail.

By Wilderness Adventures January 30, 2013

The Publication of our Crossroads bicycling catalog marks one more exciting first for Wilderness Ventures.


In order to more perfectly share our passion for cycling, the outdoors and education, we’ve marked this, our 35th year of experience leading cycling adventures for young adults, with the publication of our special Crossroads Bicycle Tours catalog. With adventures on both coasts, the Rocky Mountains and in Europe, we have an exciting range of fun cycling adventures that embody the legacy and spirit of our first summer bicycling tour through in the San Jan Islands and on the Olympic Coast in 1978. We invite you to explore our beautiful, 25-page bicycling catalog, and discover these unforgettable possibilities contained within.


Adventures on Both Coasts

The East and West Coasts offer fun and rewarding adventures for every age and experience level. Follow bike paths between Pittsburgh and Washington, DC with stops along the way for great whitewater rafting, fun river tubing and cultural visits to historic, Civil War battlefields. Pedal the shores of the majestic Puget Sound on an adventure that integrates temperature rainforests, the chance to sea kayak among Orca Whales and an island-hopping adventure through the San Juan Islands. Cape Cod offers beautiful beaches, majestic whales, fun surfing and some of the best cycling opportunities in the country. Experience the Green Mountains, the beautiful Champlain Islands and a pint of freshly made Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream while riding the length of the great state of Vermont. Nova Scotia offers the famous Evangeline Trail, connecting lighthouse to lighthouse along the maritime coastline. Bridging Seattle and San Francisco is the ultimate coastal bike tour. Enjoy beachside campsites, hang ten in the Oregon Surf, bask in the California sunshine and experience a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you pedal over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Finally, for students looking for the ultimate biking challenge in the United States, our 3,000+ mile journey takes us from the monuments of D.C. to the waters of the Pacific Ocean.



Rocky Mountain Highs

Our three great biking adventures in the Rocky Mountains connect you with the West’s most magical cycling environments. Our Colorado Utah Mountain Biking Adventure teaches fun and empowering riding skills to both new and experienced cyclists. Ride the classic slickrock trails of Moab, Utah, and experience great, alpine singletrack in the mountains of Aspen and Telluride. In the heart of Yellowstone Country, our Great Divide Mountain Bike Adventure explores the best of the backcountry between Butte, Montana and Yellowstone National Park. The northern reaches of the Rocky Mountains contains some of the most stunning reaches of road riding in the western United States. Pedal from Bozeman to Glacier National Park while taking time out to give back to Native American populations along the way.


Classic Europe

No place on earth is known more for its bike touring than continental Europe. Choose from one of two iconographic European bike touring adventures designed to suit your experience and ability level. Our beginner friendly European Bike tour connects Amsterdam to Paris along the friendly North Sea paths and inland through rural Belgium and France’s Loire Valley to unforgettable Paris. For the ultimate European cycling adventure, connect northern and southern Europe between Paris and Rome. Ride though France’s Champagne Valley, then cross over the Swiss Alps before coasting through Tuscany on your way to Rome. With four weeks on the road together, you’re certain to form bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.