Climbing School Adventures

By Wilderness Adventures July 16, 2013

Yellowstone showed us its most vibrant colors in our first week with sunny skies overhead. This week has brought us back to Grand Teton National Park where we’ve delved deeper into its remarkable wilderness. After a long drive across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, riddled with fields of sage brush, heards of bison, and even calf-rearing moose, we cruised into our mountain campsite. In the rolling red hills of the Teton forest is where we will be nestled for the remaining nights. From this conveniently positioned base we are able to easily branch out into our various destinations.

On our first day back in the Tetons we met up with world famous Exum guides to begin our engaging rock climbing school. At the foot of the mammoth, craggy peaks is where we learned to tie our knots, don our gear, and properly support the weight of each other from great heights. The next day we set out into Cascade Canyon for a more intimate acquaintance with the mountain range. After a few basic lessons on climbing techniques and positioning across some low lying boulders, we set out for our ascent. Tied together through a series of ropes we trained up a smooth slide of rock, each person supporting the one behind. When we reached the top of the ledge, some 200 feet higher, we were all surprised to learn that we had only just began!

From that edge jettisoned over the alpines below, we set out for more difficult climbs that put our skills to the test. We are happy to say that everyone succeeded with flying colors! Atop our highest pinnacle we were graced with a spectacular view of Jenny Lake and the expansive Jackson Hole valley. From there we repelled down a steep cliff where everyone could dangle their feet before touching back down to the forest floor.

Next on our epic agenda: white water kayaking! We can surely see that everyone is quite excited to make a splashing finale to our wonderful adventure. We are also happy to see that the group bonds have only become stronger since our last update and each participant has contributed even more life and energy to our synergistic group

            Will is an excellent climber, who even offered to carry other people’s loads when they became tired. His dedication to group morale is highly admired.

            Louise brings a kind and light-hearted attitude to our group activities, always smiling and engaging all members of our group. Her presence makes us feel relaxed and optimistic.

            Stephen does not have a pessimistic bone in his body. He is kind, sensitive, and positive in all that we do. His energy is warming and is always sure to make us smile

Hanson is always enthusiastic about whatever lies ahead, and reflective on what has past. He is able to find a good in everything and communicates through a good sense of humor.

            Kate is frequently found laughing and cheering others up. She also proposes unthought-of games and activities that provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

            Cameron is both relaxed and entertaining, going with the flow of things and making people laugh along the way. We all appreciate is loose nature and well developed humor.

            Tate clearly puts others before himself in all situations. His helpful personality and consistent concern for group moral demonstrates his outstanding character.

            Sam is doing a great job of making friends with every single person on our trip. He is eager to relate to others, making himself an easy and enjoyable character to talk to.

            Adam remains calm, collected, and positive in everything we do. If you listen close enough you’ll also hear him making quick witticisms that crack up everyone around.


            Kevin is reverent scenes of nature. His appreciation and respect of the wilderness is apparent both in and out of camp. His relationship with the wild is truly inspiring.

            Duncan has enjoyed all of our activities, especially climbing. His enthusiasm and light-heartedness encourages others to take a similar perspective, building team unity and coherence.

            Anita continues to fill our group with warmth and energy. She is loving towards all people, all things, and all places, giving a remarkable influence of positivity to our group.

Nick has excelled in our most difficult challenges, breaking his own barriers and encouraging others to do so. His activeness also feeds into a energetic camp life as well.

Jordan is open minded, accepting, and relaxed towards all the members of our group. Always going with the flow, Jordan will surely excel during our whitewater kayak section.

It’s been a marvelous trip here in two of the most renowned parks in the country, filled with dazzling sights and wonderful people. Our group had bonded so well it will be hard to say goodbye, but in the closing days we will be sure to maximize appreciation and love for the outdoors and each other alike!