Biking the Islands

By Wilderness Adventures July 24, 2013

Day 5


Today the Cape Cod Crew woke up in Atlantic Oaks campground, ready to start the day and conquer some more of the Cape Cod Rail Trail. The ride didn’t take long at all because the kids are such great bikers and have gotten in superb shape. Arriving around 11am at our last campsite in Cape Cod, Shady Knolls, the kids had the whole day to grocery shop and hit the beach. After lathering up in sunscreen, the kids enjoyed tanning, swimming and playing games next to the ocean. Rudy found a horseshoe crab that he showed to his friends. The team headed back to Shady Knolls for the kids’ favorite Mac ‘N Cheese Dinner. 


Day 6

Eager to get on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, the crew had an early start to finish the rail trail and bike to the Hyannis harbor. Kids and leaders boarded the ferry and enjoyed some delicious turkey sandwiches once on board. The kids have remarked how great the ferry rides are because the boats have air condition. After arriving in Vineyard Haven Harbor, the team biked to Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground to set up tents and roll out sleeping bags. After setting up the campsite, the team biked back into town and hit up a pizza place. The kids feasted on pesto chicken pizza, bacon pineapple and mushroom pizza, veggie pizza and the classic cheese pizza. Needless to say, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the meal and were very thankful towards their leaders. With a ride back to camp, the kids hit the sleeping bags and slept through the night. 


Day 7

Our first full day in Martha’s Vineyard was a busy one. In the morning, the team went to the Farm Institute to pet some sheep and look at some cows and pigs. From there the team biked to Edgartown to eat some chicken pitas and get ready for the kayaking. Kayaking on Chappaquidick with the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge guide, the team had a great time on the water and in it.  The boys were super impressed when John, the guide, pulled up some delicious grub from the water, which included sea lettuce, sea pickles and Atlantic slipper snails. All of the kids tried at least one of the nontraditional afternoon snack. Once back on the mainland, Anna met back up with the group. Justin, Rudy and Matt were anxious to show her the snail snack. With a quick trip to the ice cream shop, the crew grocery shopped for dinner and headed back to camp. For dinner that night, Maya and Matt decided that the team would be eating some grilled cheese and tomato soup. Kids had the opportunity to play soccer and shower before retiring to the tents. 


Day 8

Woke up just in time to stake some tents because the morning of the 21st came with rain. The crew took shelter in the campground’s game room to play some games, play some pool and do laundry. Once the rain had let up, Cape Cod Bike set out for the rest of the day. Biking along the scenic bike path, the kids enjoyed the cool weather and the chance to stretch their legs. Courtesy of Ian and Rudy, the team’s dinner was calzones with pepperoni, green peppers, onions and broccoli. 


Day 9

The team woke up on the 22nd, ready for the last island. Biking to Oaks Bluff, the kids biked along the shoreline in the early morning. After snapping some photos on the road, the kids hopped back on the bikes and continued with their free style rap. Lunch consisted of turkey sandwiches before boarding the 2 o’clock ferry to Nantucket. Once in Nantucket the team looked through some shops, grabbed some ice cream, and grocery shopped for a curry chicken dinner. With a short bike ride from the harbor to the Nantucket Hostel, the team arrived in time for some volleyball, warm showers and a little reading time (which Ian thoroughly enjoyed). 


Day 10

The first full day in Nantucket began with yogurt and granola and plenty of buttermilk pancakes prepared by the leaders. The kids seemed very rested and remarked how great they slept in the hostel beds. The Nantucket Whaling Museum took up most of the morning because the kids wanted to listen to the museum’s presentation on Nantucket Whaling. Maya and Matt really loved looking at the old artifacts that the museum had, which included spears, whale teeth etchings, and pottery. After some ice cream (the girls ate some legendary “Crantucket” flavor) and PB&J’s, the team biked back to the hostel so that they could spend the afternoon on the beach. With a swimming crew and a tanning crew, the Cape Cod gang soaked up the rays and had a fun time jumping into the waves. Abby was very appreciative of the afternoon beach excursion and remarked that relaing on the beach with her friends was her favorite part of the day.  Burgers were on the menu for the night and the kids enjoyed banana-chocolate-marshmallow-s’mores for dessert. With some more volleyball and a game of Apples to Apples, the crew retired for the night. 


Day 10

Today we are looking forward to more biking and surfing Cisco beach!