Bicycle Touring Adventures in North America and Europe

By Wilderness Adventures December 5, 2012

Discover inspiring places and fantastic faces at the perfect pace on a bicycle touring adventure.


Since 1977, our student bicycle touring adventures have connected great young people with stunning cycling routes that are both encouraging and empowering. Our decades of experience has shown bicycle touring to be one of the most meaningful ways of helping great young people connect with their environment, their peers and their own best potential.


Inspiring Places

For the past 40 summer seasons, our adventures have used fun and rewarding activities to enable young people to gain appreciation for their environment while enjoying the time of their lives. Without a doubt, bicycling provides the perfect activity on which to experience many of the most beautiful locations in North America and Europe — places like the California coast, the Montana Rockies and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Additionally, carefully-crafted bicycle trips have the ability to seamlessly connect culture and nature in a way that few activities can. Students participating in our Biking Adventures can experience the maritime history of Cape Cod, Nova Scotia and the San Juan Islands; the old-world cities of Amsterdam, Paris and Rome; and the industrial history of Pittsburgh along with iconographic Washington, DC.


Fantastic Faces

It is without exaggeration to say that our adventures attract the best young people in the country — students from all different places and each with unique passions, but who all share an interest in exploring amazing environments in a fun way with a great group of young people their own age. Typically, our students list “each other” as the greatest facet of their summer experience. Indeed, thanks to the magic of shared positive experience in a nurturing and carefully-facilitated environment, our groups depart their adventures with lasting, family-like bonds.


Your Own Ideal Pace

The friendly pace of bicycle travel provides the ideal speed at which to experience the world. Bicycle travel is fast-enough to capture the teenage attention-span and slow-enough to help that attention-span grow. Moreover, bicycle touring grants young people the chance to find both personal and group success in the everyday aspects of a WV Bike Adventure; simple activities such as cooking delicious meals, setting up camp or taking a relaxing afternoon swim integrate perfectly into the overall activity of bicycle touring while helping to teach valuable life lessons. In preparing our students for the challenges of the real world, our bicycle touring adventures empower them with valuable leadership skills, the ability to cooperate and work as a team, cognitive focus, the capability to problem-solve and the self assurance to apply these important interpersonal skills that will be their “competitive edge” in the 21st century.


Today, as we enter our 41st summer season, our program has grown to include the premiere bicycle touring routes of both North America and Europe, and offers adventure opportunities specifically designed to meet each students’ experience, ability level, age and interests. And while we certainly offer the greatest variety of program offerings, each adventure shares the same goal-oriented focus — to foster a connection to the natural world, to teach group leadership skills and to help students succeed in their daily lives.