Best of Wyoming

By Tom Holland January 18, 2017

I was recently asked for recommendations on the best outdoors experiences in northwest Wyoming. The question is a tough one, because although we here have the smallest population in the country, we are mighty when it comes to our wild spaces which provide adventure for all. But, for those of you planning a trip our direction, here are my recommendations.

  • Go steep and deep

I am currently looking at several feet of snow out my window. Winters in Wyoming are not for the faint of heart or for those that don’t love the snow. Give it the full onion, by skiing the backcountry of Teton Pass in the morning, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the afternoon, and Snow King Mountain Resort for some night skiing. Your quads will be singing to you after this epic day!

Wyoming ski map


  • Hit the Crest Trail

The glory of the wild comes to life on this amazing trail. As you make your way up Phillips Pass, it is hard to comprehend what these mountains have in store for you. Most people only view the Tetons from their vehicle. This 40 mile journey will take you literally inside the mountain range as you backpack through Grand Teton National Park on one of the most famous trails in the United States. A permit is necessary for this journey, and we love to encourage people to add a few days extra to climb the famed ‘Grand’ with our partners at Exum Mountain Guides.

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Teton Crest flowers

Seriously, you are going to think your grandmother is in the kitchen cheffing up this goodness. When our trips role through Dubois, I love having the trip leaders grab me an extra slice of strawberry rhubarb or mountain berry pie.

The Cowboy Cafe

  • Search for golden trout in the Wind River Range.

The Wind River Range has been voted one of America’s best kept secrets. For us at Wilderness Adventures, we know it as our backyard and one of the staple adventures of our Wyoming trips. But while many people search the Winds for the next great peak to conquer, we love the Winds because they also are home to the elusive golden trout. Climb amazing mountain passes and finish your days by casting dry flies in the lakes of the Winds to see a species of fish that many only see in California.

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Man holding fish

  • Dust of your cowboy boots in Jackson Hole

Do not be shocked when you hit a traffic jam in Wyoming. However, when you do, it is likely that it will be caused by a cattle drive going down the highway or bison blocking the entrance to a national park. Jackson Hole has a rich history, and while many things have changed, the respect for the cowboy-way-of-life has not. The weekly rodeos are a prime example of this, and so is the nightly ‘shoot-out’ the occurs on the town square, bringing with it a bit a humor and fun to this modern cowboy town. Pack your boots and your best bolo tie and get ready for a taste of the old west.

bull riding

  • And then there is Yellowstone.

I love that this part of the country used to be called ‘Colter’s Hell.’ John Colter was believed to be the first white man to pass through the region and he came back to the east telling stories of boiling pots and geysers. We now know that 60% of the world’s geysers are in Yellowstone National Park. It was the first national park and one of the largest covering approximately 3,500 square miles, which is the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined! And, while it does get quite a few tourists in the summer, we encourage you to do something wild. Join WA for one of our many Yellowstone trips including Yellowstone Teton DiscoveryYellowstone Explorer, or Yellowstone Wilderness!

yellowstone wilderness