Be Eco-Friendly In Your Travels

By Wilderness Adventures July 15, 2015

Travel, especially during the summer can be a fun and exciting time. Sadly, with this fun often comes the potential for our carbon footprint to be left behind. However, there are a few eco-friendly things we can do in our travels that can make a difference when it comes to the environment.

  1. Try public transportation. By traveling via trains or buses, you are reducing carbon emissions that are created from private transportation. However, the benefits do not stop there, especially since you will be taking the opportunity to not only experience the local people and culture, but also be helping to support those communities as well, which in turn can also enhance your travel experience.
  2. Take a sustainable trip. One great way to offset your carbon emissions is to choose an adventure that only utilizes sustainable transportation, accommodations, and activities. A good example of this would be backpacking and backcountry camping.
  3. Keep to the trail. When hiking or biking, it is critical that you stay on the designated, maintained, and proper trails. If you don’t, you are more likely taking the risk of harming endangered plants and wildlife, which in turn can harm the environment.
  4. Reduce water use. Simply by taking shorter showers, turning off the water while brushing your teeth and dishes, and using filtered water versus bottled water can all help you to conserve the Earth’s most precious commodity, water.
  5. Travel together. If your travels will require the use of carbon emissions, it is always a good idea to consider traveling with others. By traveling in small groups, your impact on the environment will be greatly reduced, versus traveling alone.

Wilderness Adventures prides themselves in using sustainable travel in all of our adventure programs. Contact us today to see how you can experience one of our low-impact and eco-friendly travel adventure programs.