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Ask Cath: Advice for Nervous Campers

By Wilderness Adventures May 2, 2023
Camper setting up a tent in a field.

Dear Cath,

I’m coming on my trip alone and worried I will be the only one who doesn’t know anyone. Do most people come with a friend from home or friends from past WA trips?


Lone Traveler

Dear Lone Traveler,

The people on your trip are a huge part of what makes a summer with us so memorable, so it makes sense that you are anxiously thinking about your soon to be trip-mates! The majority of students are in the same boat as you – meeting 10 brand new faces at the airport. There may be a pair of friends coming from home or a past WA trip, but our trip leaders make sure everyone in the group feels welcome and included. 

Man teaching a student how to tie a climbing knot.

Speaking of Trip Leaders, you will learn more about them 1 week before your trip starts. They will call you a day or so before the trip to check in and ease any last minute nerves. They cannot wait to meet you!

Our trip leaders and students come from all over the country, and we even have students join us who live internationally. By the end of the trip, you will have built lifelong friendships with folks all over the country (or even the world)!

Two kids splashing in a lake.






Dear Cath,

I signed up for my trip in September and was really excited then, but as summer approaches I am feeling more nervous. I have never been backpacking or camping before and I am afraid the other students will be more experienced than me and I won’t be able to keep up. Do you still think Wilderness Adventures is the right fit for me?


Hesitant Hiker

Dear Hesitant Hiker,

We LOVE when students begin their outdoor adventures with us! Our trip leaders will teach you everything you need to know and be there to help along the way, so no need to worry about being a beginner. It is true that some students might have more outdoor experience than others, but there are always opportunities to adjust the challenge level to meet students where they are at.

Female teaching students how to read a topographic map.

What matters most to us, is having a positive attitude and being excited to take on a new challenge. If that sounds like you, then WA is absolutely the right place for you!

Two girls backpacking and laughing.