A Year In Review

By Tom Holland January 5, 2018

We had an amazing 2017 at WA! This past week we have been reflecting back on what was and thinking about what will be in 2018. It is with that in mind, that I give you WA’s top 10 moments of 2017. There were absolutely too many to choose from, but we did our best in narrowing down to our top 10!

10. WA dives into webinars. Sensing a need to reach families who cannot attend a home show, we dove into webinars in 2017. These 35-40 minute shows come straight to you from our team in Jackson and are very interactive and fun. Great for a new family that is interested in our program or a returning family looking to see what the next adventure might hold.

9. Staff Training continues the magic. It was a wet week, but the magic of staff week in Jackson could not be dampened. Our staff training is unlike any other training. A mixture of fun, games and informative sessions, we love these 2 weeks where we lay the foundation for the adventure to come.

8. The Family Trip + the Eclipse. We saw the Great American Eclipse in Wyoming as a perfect way to relaunch family trips at WA. With some great families with us, we hiked, rafted, fished and had an amazing time including a ‘peak experience’ during the eclipse.

7. Peak Days. Grand. Kili. Shasta. Darwin. Baker. Need we say more?

6. WA Launches its new website. Our old site took us through many great years, but it was time to throw him a great retirement party-which made way for our new website! We love this new look for us and hope you do too.

5. That moment where we each of our trips becomes electronics free. Sure, it happens every year on every trip-so technically this is not just a 2017 event, but it is so cool, it had to make the list! There is nothing more unpleasant in the backcountry than a smartphone that gives you your social feed-so we just eliminate that distraction from our trips to make for a fantastic experience.

4. American Camp Association Accreditation. WA was proud to join the ranks of ACA accredited camps! Accreditation is the best evidence a parent has as to the quality of a camp program. There is no other mechanism that is as thorough or as challenging. WA undertook the accreditation process during the summer of 2017 and are proud to share this accomplishment!

3. The Great Northwest Rides again! This trip is what started the magic for us all those years ago and we were so thrilled to launch it again. Six weeks in the wilderness with a great crew made for an amazing experience.

2. Base Camp hosted its inaugural summer. For years, we have been asked to expand our offerings to serve younger populations in the spirit of WA. So, after forming a partnership with Snow King, we launched our inaugural season of Base Camp. We sang songs, set up tents, battled marmots and positively impact hundreds of campers from around the US in this great new program.

1. That moment where we– our leadership team, our staff team or our students– saw a challenge and conquered it. It happens all the time on all of our trips, and the challenge may be the peak, the rapid, or even our dirty laundry. But, when we rise to the occasion, and find our best self, that is a highlight of the year that will never go away!