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10 Lessons We Can Learn from Nature

By Wilderness Adventures November 10, 2021

Spending time in nature not only offers us wide-open spaces, fun activities, and opportunities for adventure around every corner, but it can also teach us fundamental life lessons for leading a full and happy life.

Read on to learn more about our ten favorite life lessons learned from nature. 

1. Patience & Perseverance

The first key lesson we can learn from nature is how to practice patience and perseverance. Our culture in this day and age prioritizes hustle and perfection, meaning we strive for perfection and want to achieve it as fast as possible. Being immersed in nature encourages us to slow down, enjoy the beauty around us, and understand that hard work (like that steep hike up a mountain) will always lead to success… and great views! 

2. Environmental Conservation & Protection

When we feel this heightened appreciation for the beauty and majesty of nature, we also feel the pull to conserve and protect these areas for future generations to enjoy the way we have.  The Leave No Trace principle and the idea of leaving a natural site the same or better than when you found it is a very foundational concept for environmental conservation and protection.  

3. How to Face Fears & Risk Assessment

At times, being immersed in the wilderness can be a bit unsettling and maybe even frightening, especially for children and teens. Being put in new and unfamiliar situations can be intimidating, but it allows children to develop a sense of courage and confidence which will better prepare them to make intelligent risk assessments later in life. 

4. Thinking Outside the Box

Let your creative mind flow when you’re in nature! Look at the clouds and decipher shapes and imagery within them, find creative ways to solve any problems you may run into on your wilderness treks by using the resources around you. Don’t be shy to let your imagination run wild! 

5. Self-Sufficiency & Independence

Knowing how to catch a fish, cook over an open fire, perform general first-aid, and how to find water that is safe to drink are just some of the hard skills you can learn when practicing self-sufficiency in nature. When students, in particular, learn these skills, it builds confidence allowing them to feel a sense of independence and pride.  

6. Cooperation

On the flip side of independence is a greater understanding of cooperation. Teamwork is another essential life skill, and camping or existing in nature makes it innate to experience how much easier tasks are when you work as a team. 

7. Self-Reflection & Gratitude

Being out in nature allows us to reflect on life events from a new perspective. For instance, being surrounded by creatures big and small, we realize that we aren’t the only creatures that matter in this universe, and maybe our own minor problems and troubles in life may look smaller when looking at the world in a broader scope. This also allows us to be grateful for the luxuries of the modern world we often take for granted. 

8. Benefits of Living Simply

Many of us find ourselves doing many things at once, from watching television and movies, checking social media, playing video games, and communicating virtually with friends and family. We have fostered compulsive habits that can be easily remedied by escaping to nature and enjoying the simple pleasures that life offers.

9. Importance of Community & Friends

Being in nature is the ideal time for community bonding. When everyone is displaced from work, school, errands, and other routine responsibilities, they’re able to simply enjoy each other’s company.

10. Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care surprisingly isn’t something that comes naturally to many people, especially those of the younger generations, as there are exceedingly more things expected of them year after year. By simply taking a moment to close your eyes and clear your mind, listen to the sounds of nature around you, and enjoy the sensory feelings of your surroundings, you’re indulging in a moment of self-care time. 

Do Something Wild

At Wilderness Adventures, we encourage our students to “Do Something Wild.” Whether getting ready to climb the next pitch, hitting the whitewater wave train, or lacing up their boots for a day of backpacking in Alaska, Wilderness Adventures provides opportunities for students to step outside the boundaries of their comfort zone and experience the growth that comes along with the challenge.

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