Teaching tomorrow's leaders.

Our Philosophy & Goals

We know that a small group experience in the wilderness serves as a valuable catalyst to enable our students to become more responsible, tolerant, and self-confident while developing a powerful, all-inclusive community. We also know that through an intimate outdoor experience, our students learn to become peer leaders, acquire a responsible appreciation for the natural wonders of our planet, and develop a newfound environmental ethic to carry with them throughout their lives. Wilderness Adventures is an equal opportunity service provider.

Our mission: Do Something Wild – inspire growth and wonder.

Our core values: Community, Leadership, and the Natural World.


We strive to build community in all that we do.


We seek to lead and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

The Natural World

We appreciate the learning and growth that can occur in wild spaces and we seek to protect these areas.

Wilderness Adventures is Fun.

Our programs are developed with the enjoyment of our students in mind. They will be challenged in amazing environments where friendship, laughter, and fun will all be integral elements.