Teaching tomorrow's leaders.

Our Philosophy & Goals

We know that a small group experience in the wilderness serves as a valuable catalyst to enable our students to become more responsible, tolerant, and self-confident while developing a powerful, all-inclusive community. We also know that through an intimate outdoor experience, our students learn to become peer leaders, acquire a responsible appreciation for the natural wonders of our planet, and develop a newfound environmental ethic to carry with them throughout their lives. Wilderness Adventures is an equal opportunity service provider.

Our mission: Do Something Wild – inspire growth and wonder.

At Wilderness Adventures we encourage all our students to “do something wild.” As you scroll through this website, you will see campers doing just that as they get ready to climb the next pitch, hit the whitewater wave train, lace up their boots for each day of backpacking in Alaska, and so much more!   

But to “do something wild” is more than just reaching a summit or sleeping under the stars for the first time. Wilderness Adventures students are asked to “do something wild” by challenging themselves in ways they have never before experienced. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles and give everything they have for the betterment of the group. They unplug from their devices and learn to appreciate the unmasked beauty of the world right before their eyes. 

When you challenge yourself in new ways, growth is unavoidable and  we value these intangible accomplishments as much as the tangible ones.  During the last moments of any camping trip, at airports and train stations, we witness the culmination of new friendships that will last forever. Hugs and tears give way to campers challenging each other to “do something wild” as they embark on their next adventures. At the end of their WA experiences our students are ready to be leaders,  good friends to others, and to know that in whatever they strive for, they can be great!

This is our mission: to do something wild to inspire true growth and wonder in our students.

Our core values: Community, Leadership, and the Natural World.


We strive to build community in all that we do.

We build community everywhere we go. Whether it be in the rural villages of Tanzania, in the national parks of the United States or on the beaches of central America, we seek to grow our community. Moreover, we work diligently to make all our students know they are a key part of this community of friends that has come together for a summer of adventure.


We seek to lead and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

We are leaders who work to inspire new leaders. We seek to lead in all we do. We work to inspire the leader that is in each one of our students. We ask them to step out of their comfort zone to grow all their leadership skills.

The Natural World

We appreciate the learning and growth that can occur in wild spaces and we seek to protect these areas.

We view wild spaces, and untouched ecosystems to be the very best place for learning, challenge, and personal growth. We value these wild spaces and seek to inspire a love for them in all our participants.

Wilderness Adventures is Fun.

Our programs are developed with the enjoyment of our students in mind. They will be challenged in amazing environments where friendship, laughter, and fun will all be integral elements.