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Craters of the Moon

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Jul 12 - Aug 1

Hike, Rock Climb, Sea Kayak, Whitewater Raft

Arrival Location

Jackson Hole, WY

Departure Location

Jackson Hole, WY

Trip Overview

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Northern Rockies on this wonderful and diverse adventure through the Jackson Hole Valley and south-central Idaho. From the esteemed trails of the Tetons and the best sites of Yellowstone to the rock spires of the City of Rocks, lava fields of Craters of the Moon National Monument, and the rapids of the Salmon River, this adventure has it all. Sea kayak on Yellowstone Lake, rock climb at the Idaho/Utah border, overnight raft on the Salmon River, and explore Sun Valley, Idaho and Craters of the Moon National Monument. Take on the best of Wyoming and Idaho on this incredible three-week adventure.

Craters of the Moon rock climbing
Craters of the Moon rock climbing
Craters of the Moon rock climbing
Craters of the Moon hiking
Craters of the Moon kayaking
Craters of the Moon kayaking
Craters of the Moon whitewater rafting


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Inflatable whitewater kayaking on the Craters of the Moon trip


Meeting for the first time in Jackson Hole Airport in the heart of Grand Teton National Park will be an exciting, memorable, and welcoming experience. You’ll be greeted by expansive views of the Tetons right off the bat. Once everyone has arrived, you will drive 10 minutes to your first campsite conveniently also located in Grand Teton National Park. That night, you’ll take time to get to know each other, play some welcoming games,learn to set up your tents, and familiarize yourself with your gear for the next three weeks. As dusk settles, you’ll likely have the chance to see herds of bison roaming and grazing in the surrounding sagebrush. You’ll watch the sun set over the Tetons and enjoy the first of many relaxing evening campfires before crawling into bed.

The next morning, you’ll wake with excitement, enjoy a fortifying breakfast, and spend the day acclimatizing and stretching your legs on the beautiful mountain trails of Grand Teton National Park. You’ll stop at the visitor center to learn about this incredible mountain range and then head out on your first group hike.

After experiencing a taste of the Tetons, you’ll head north to our nation’s first national park: Yellowstone. You’ll see some of the best sites in the park including Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and many other geysers and geothermal wonders. As generations of visitors before you can attest, your time in the park will certainly build your appreciation for both the local ecosystem and the great social and environmental good that results from the protection of wild lands. Following your site seeing, it will be time to prepare for your next adventure: backcountry sea kayaking through Yellowstone.

You will rest your legs and put your arms to the test on a four-day, three-night sea kayaking voyage through Yellowstone’s remote, high-altitude lakes. You’ll meet up with your Wilderness Adventures Sea Kayaking Specialist and learn the fundamentals of paddling and kayak safety before setting off onto the lake as a group. You and a partner will pack your gear into the hatches of your boat and work together to navigate your two-person kayak. You’ll be paddling joyfully but often quietly along the shoreline so that you can experience as many wildlife sightings as possible including bald eagles, moose, elk, beaver, and many other amazing creatures of the west. Each night, you’ll camp at secluded lakeside sites, cook amazing backcountry meals, and gaze up at the wondrous, starlit sky.

After your sea kayaking adventure, you’ll take a day to shower, do laundry, and replenish supplies. From there, you’ll venture over Teton Pass and make your way to the City of Rocks on the Idaho-Utah border. The granite rock spires and rock formations of “The City” make this a world-class rock climbing area with over 1,000 traditional and bolt-protected routes. It also has a fascinating history: the Shoshone and Bannock tribes hunted bison here before settlers along the California trail populated the area. Ruts from wagon wheels can still be seen on some of the rocks.

For the next two days, you’ll engage in a substantive, nurturing, and fun rock climbing school with the world-famous Exum School of Mountaineering. You’ll learn climbing techniques, knots, and belaying skills and take on the knobs, walls, and slabs of some of the oldest exposed rock in North America.

After rock climbing, your group will travel from southern Idaho up to the put in of the world-class Salmon River. For the next six days and five nights, you’ll settle into life on the river on this extended overnight rafting expedition. The main section of the Salmon River is known for its steep canyon walls, large sandy beaches, and splashy class III rapids. With the help of professional river guides, you’ll learn how to read the river’s current, navigate rapids and lines with oars and paddles, and to rig and de-rig your raft and its gear each day. Each night, you’ll get off the river and camp right on it’s white, sandy beaches. Additionally, there are hikes from each of the campsites that traverse side creeks along the river’s canyon.

Following your iconic river adventure, your group will emerge on shore to de-rig one last time. You’ll bid your river guides farewell and enjoy the beauty of the frontcountry with showers and laundry. From there, you will head south once more towards Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley is nestled between five mountain ranges far from urban city centers. You’ll spend the afternoon exploring Sun Valley’s stores, hiking trails, and magnificent views. That evening, you’ll head to the incredible namesake of your trip, the Craters of the Moon National Monument.

Craters of the Moon will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is comprised of a vast, historic ocean of lava with islands of cinder cones and sage brush scattered throughout. It was formed by an eruption that occurred along the Great Rift more than 2,000 years ago. You will spend the day exploring the lava tubes and volcanic fissures of Craters of the Moon on foot and hike to the best sites including Devil’s Orchard and the North Crater Flow.

The next morning, you and your group will come full circle on your incredible adventure and make your way back over Teton Pass to Jackson Hole. You’ll get the chance to bop around the town and shop for souvenirs. You and your group will put your teamwork to the test as you work together to navigate the course.

That night, you’ll celebrate the entire adventure over the traditional WA end-of-summer banquet. Waking up early the next morning to depart from the airport, you certainly won’t be ready to go home. However, you’ll be comforted to know that you’ve developed a wonderful network of meaningful friendships that are sure to last a lifetime.

I will never forget the fun that I had on this trip and all that I learned - from rafting for days in the most beautiful spot I've ever been to laughing until my stomach hurt with my trip mates. It was incredible.

Jessie, 2019 Craters of the Moon Student

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